[Selling] Some EMC Unique Items

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  1. As the title states, I am selling some EMC unique items. if interested PM me or psot below. =)

    2 Vault Vouchers - 16,000 Rupees Each
  2. whats a flesh and a skin? can i see some screen shots of those? might wana buy it
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  3. ICC flesh and skin is dropped when ICC dies, now very rare and increased in value when he got demoted
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  4. I recommend using the Wiki. Search the items in the bar, or find them in custom items. It is there for everyone to use, and has more detail than just what it is. How they were obtained, other useful facts.
  5. How many cupid bows do you have?
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  6. Just 1 and its brand new
  7. Added Ore Buster To List =)
  8. ill take the ore buster. will pay very soon quite busy atm again ;/
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  9. I'll pay 96k for the buster
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  10. I have 2 Ore Busters so you 2 are in luck, ill send you both an orebuster after payment is recieved =)
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  11. I'll give you 13k for that cupid bow?
  12. 14k and its yours =)
  13. I'll take the skin and flesh for 6k.
  14. Alright Ill send it over after payment is recieved =)
  15. what is left?
  16. Only cupid's bow atm
  17. Ok going to pay now. I will setup access chest.
  18. I couldn't find a chest so I mailed it to you, free of charge =)