[Selling] Some Cool Promos :P

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More Promos?

YES LORD!!! *falls backwards epically* (I love you if you get this) 7 vote(s) 87.5%
Nuh uh uh! You nasty! (I also love you if you get this) 1 vote(s) 12.5%
  1. Read the title you lazy butts.

    List of Promos:

    X1 Ore Buster
    X1 Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    X1 Remembrance Day Poppy 2015
    X1 Remembrance Day Poppy 2014
    X1 2014 Birthday Cake
    X1 Sharpshooter
    X1 Iron Supporter Voucher
    X1 Pi Pie
    X1 Labour Bench 2015

    Pm me offers. Comments will be taken note of as well so don't worry.

    Promos that are sold will be crossed out just in case I decide to sell another one :p

    You may also ask me if I have a promo that is not listed here. I don't list all of the promos I would like to sell because no-one likes big walls of text, right? (unless it's text that gives you money).
  2. I'll take the ore buster =)
  3. I've already got a buyer, but if it doesn't sell, I can juggle some prices with you.
  4. thanks.
  5. The Ore Buster is sold! Sorry roro.
  6. Bumpalicious
  7. lookin' for a pot o gold. Do you have any? my offer is 28k willing to negotiate.
  8. sorry i didn't reply earlier. But no, I'm sorry I don't have a pot o' gold.
    Also, bump!
  9. How much for both of the Poppies?
  10. Pm me and we'll discuss it
  11. Boop. A Bump sign ran down the street screaming BRING UP MY POST!
  12. BUMP IT! If the items aren't sold by next wednesday, they will be auctioned off instead.
  13. Bump a roo! 5 days left :D
  14. Boop. Nope. No bump. BOOP!