[SELLING] - Some cheap promos, some vouchers

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm a lil broke and need money for my builds. Selling some promos and vouchers to make it up :9

    The promos and vouchers are available at /v amadai (res #5782), or inquire by PM.

    • 2x Dasher Egg - 70k ea
    • 2x Momentus's Toothpick - 25k ea
    • Diamond Voucher - 390k
    • Gold Voucher - 190k
    • Iron Voucher - 90k
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  2. ill take buster of ores, paying now
  3. Made a chest on /v amadai 2 with your ore buster.
  4. I'll take the Marlix Boots. I'm stuck at work for about 2 more hours, but I'll pay as soon as I get home. ^_^
  5. Ill take the Marlix legs. I'll be home in about an hour.
  6. Lol I honestly forgot. Are the boots still available?
  7. Yup. I can mail after payment, if that works for you.
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  8. I shall get on momentarily to pay ya. ^_^
  9. Sent :)
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  10. Added dasher and max's head to the list, lowered voucher prices : ) Promos now available at the shop.
  11. I'll take the max head, I'll pay when I get home from work
  12. ill do the diamond voucher!!!!