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  1. Hi, everyone. I am currently selling my res next to spawn on smp7, address 14003. With school and life i just haven't had time to build something on there and i think that it could be used for GSA funds. The res is between NurseKillJoy and GameKribJim. SMP7 is home to an amazing community with many builds. IT has the right combination of a good population but still feels homy and peaceful. With this years new budget for GSA of 400k-500k i will be selling all I have to be able to do the awards again. I payed 80k for this res but that amount is a lot so i will be accepting cheaper bids. I decided a house should be made on a res with much less potential. i hope whoever buys this does good. If you are interested PM me with an offer. As a bonus the purchaser of the res will be included on the donation list for whatever they pay. Please make offers generous since it will help the award a lot. If you offer over 90k you can get the res instantly and not have to wait to see i get a better offer. I am also selling a res next to spawn on smp8 if anyone is interested.

    Please note: selling a res is legal as long as it is not in the auctions
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  2. Bump. My current offer is 60,000r and the smp8 res is at 55,000r. PM me for more info
  3. The funny thing is that I bought a spawn res at smp3 for 10k. Cheapest spawn res EVER
  4. Lol, i gave one to my friend for free. SMP3 is a wasteland
  5. Quiet but players are swarming in.
  6. Bump. My current bid for the spawn res on smp7 is 60k and 55k on the smp8 one. SMP8 is sold but I am hoping for more bids on the smp7 res since i will have lost 20k if it does not go higher :oops:
  7. What is GSA?
  8. The Empire Good Samaritan Award. An award I host annually to recognize those who do good in the community.
  9. Hmm.. ok, well I don't have 60k+ to 'donate' towards this cause. But I may be able to raise money for you instead. Seems like a good cause I'd like to support.

    Also, the res you have up is on the northwest corner of spawn right?
  10. I think so. I also already accepted both offers on the SMP7 and SMP8 residences.