[SELLING] SMP3 Spawn Res 6007

Discussion in 'Selling' started by FDNY21, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Currently, I have spawn res no. 6007 on SMP3 for sale. It's a corner residence from the town spawn. It's a prime location for all sorts of different builds, if you have a project in mind then this is one of the best places on the Empire that you could possibly complete it. Lots of publicity, right next to spawn, and a great res number!

    If you're genuinely interested then please PM me offers. I'm happy to negotiate with people, but no lowballs please, I am in no rush to sell and I'm looking for a genuine person to buy who will do great things for the res! Prime opportunity :)
  2. 1k, if i get it im going to make a BIG 60 by 60 shop!(and help people with the rupees such as giving them away 4 free):):):):):)
  3. I've always wanted a spawn res, though I can't afford it. I do wish you luck in finding someone that'll build something that isn't an eyesore.
  4. Lol spawn reses are in the 1 mil range
  5. This is not an auction, I am looking for offers privately. Please see here:

    I would also be looking for a much higher offer.