[Selling] SMP3 spawn res 6002!

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  1. Hey EMC! So today I bring you a residence that I am selling...residence 6002. It is owned by my somewhat alt account moranwill. For the sake of selling this it is right next to the town spawn so it is not diagonal to town spawn which makes it worth a lot more. I am looking for at least 30k, it is worth at least that. Please comment below if you are interested and I will start a pm with all people who are interested and you can sort of bid in the pm :) I am also willing to trade if the items are worth a lot.
  2. uh... I think 100k is a bit.. too much for a number...
  3. I sold 18002 on Smp9 for 325k so
  4. Not really a spawn res...they are worth a lot and an smp9 one went for over 300k
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  5. Keyword there is smp9.
    Player counts yeild a bit of a difference between 3 & 9. :p
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  6. well that's smp 9, the one with the huge pyramids everywhere.
    Smp 3... well it's not really 'thrilling'
    Anyways, I won't be posting here anymore (unless I get quoted again).
    Hope this works out for you potato!
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  7. I mean its still a spawn residence so its still worth a lot
  8. Alright price change to 50k
  9. Flamingpotato is right, even though its on smp1, the populations on servers keep on changing and it is a spawn res so its pretty expensive. I would like to have it but got like 0 cash but cool trade XD
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  10. I see what your guys's points are but this is still a spawn residence...plus you can live literally right next to quarterstop :p
  11. Alright price lowered to 30k :) pm me if you want to buy it
  12. hehe... I sold my spawn res on smp9 for 20k :D
  13. Quoted
  14. Bump looking for at least 30k still :)
  15. I'll talk to my friend about buying the plot, because of our company :) Also he is located on smp3
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  16. Sounds good :) pm me on the forums.