[Selling] Smp3 res next to spawn

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  1. so today at 5:02 in the morning I woke up and got one of the reses diagonal to spawn, if you are interested in buying it pm me or post in the comments. I'm interested in selling it for around 10k
  2. How much u looking for?
  3. My plan is to see what offers I get then decide if I want to keep it or sell it or give it away.
  4. so if u have an offer pm me and I will tell you what i'm thinking.
  5. the res number is 6001 and the owner is BFTBG(my alt)
  6. I would contact a staff member about the legality of this.
    Also, you can edit your posts if there is something you need to add ;)
  7. This is legal. It has been done many times before and unless it is an auction it is completely legal.
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  8. Ok. I was thinking of the auction stuff then.
  9. Bump, trying to sell this for about 50k
  10. Dang... This is freaking smp3 we talking about... i sold a res next to spawn on a popular server for 20k... And I am happy what I got
  11. Yeah, at this point ill take about 10k
  12. You took down hiigari's res?! This is upsetting to me, because it was all in the means to make profit. Hiigari spent a lot of time on that and everything else. That is why I don't like the idea of the resetting a res.
  13. bump, taking almost any offer at this point.
  14. Id probably buy it for 6k