[Selling] SMP1 954 - Diamonds, Gold & Cheap Building Blocks

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  1. Hi,

    I've restocked and lowered some of my prices :)

    Here are some of the offers (price per unit, low value items are sold in larger amounts):

    Diamonds 50r
    Emeralds 30r
    Gold Ingots 16r
    Iron 4r
    Obsidian 11r (only 1 stack left)
    Glowstone 23r (only 2 stacks left)
    Sandstone (all types) 3.125r
    Clay brick 5r
    Glass block 2r
    Ice block 5r
    Smooth Stone Cobble Stone, Stone Bricks all at 1r or less
    Redstone Dust 3r
    Soul Sand 2.5r
    Nether Brick 3r
    Netherrack 2r
    coal 2.5r
    Emerald Ore 330r (less than 1 stack left)
    Diamond Ore 200r (less than 1 stack left)

    Also in the new upstairs section there are a selection of cheap foods, logs, some wool..
    Public workshop with high powered enchantment table also availabe.

    I'm also looking to buy all the items listed above, fair prices paid :)

    Thanks to everyone who has supported my new shop so far - It's getting bigger and better.
  2. First I would like to say, keep one thread not repost as you stock, use the edit button and bump feature as an advantage :)
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  3. My apologies, I didn't realise that I had broken a rule - If any mods are reading this, I'll keep this thread open and the old one can be closed as I'll edit this one in future.

    Thanks again.
  4. Prices reduced on Diamonds, Iron and gold.