Selling Slimeballs Cheap

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  1. I set up a double chest on my res full of Slimeballs. I'm selling them by the stack (64 count) at 640r per stack. Stop by if you are interested. :)
    RES: smp9 #18573
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  2. Save some for me!!!! I'm on holiday and I can't play minecraft (It's 10r per slimeball!!!) :p
    EDIT: Seriously, save some for me, I really need slimeballs for a new project.
  3. I don't think they'll last long.... if I can't keep them stocked, just PM me when you return and I'll see what I can do. :D
  4. I bought 8 stacks! Enjoy the money!
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  5. You're awesome xI_LIKE_A_PIGx... thank you!
  6. i bought 15 stacks. . .why lol
  7. .... because you rock! :D
  8. Ive been to slime town haha, hence the . . .why lol
  9. I think the whole community would appreciate if you'd set another double chest of slimeballs.
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  10. I tried to add another double chest worth, but could only manage to add another 26 stacks. ;)
  11. Yay, thanks bro!
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  12. The chest has been restocked. :)
  13. heh... a few months ago i was trying to sell slimeballs for 10r and no1 would by them b/c of the giant influx of slimeballs as a result of the Utopian Slime Farm