[Selling] Slime

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  1. Selling slime (ball) stacks @ 3k/stack.
  2. you mean slime balls right?
  3. That is correct
  4. I'll buy 2 stacks
  5. where do you want me to meet you?
  6. I'll come pick up. Which server are you on?
  7. I'm way out in the wild, I can come meet you at any SMP except 7/9/utopia (they are in my vault)
  8. Actually can I buy 3 stacks?
  9. Still plenty of slime balls to go around. Place an order for any amount.
  10. *cough* can i has two stacks for 4k plox? *cough*
  11. sorry, firm at 3k
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  12. Oh, okay then.
  13. done
  14. More available.
  15. Would a quarter-stack be possible at 750R?
  16. sure, what SMP?
  17. 2 stacks please
  18. Thanks gabe. More slime if anybody else is looking.