selling slime

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  1. anyone wanna buy a stack of slimeballs for 3,200 rupees
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  2. i will!
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  3. ^and if coffee doesn't, or if you have more, I will :)
  4. 3rd stack's mine ;)
  5. 4th stack's mine :D
  6. 5th stack isn't mine :p
  7. I like trains
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  8. let me know when u can pick it up on smp4 8998
  9. Taking any left.
  10. your stack is ready, ill be in town in about 1hour
  11. your stack is also ready
  12. Spammer. :p
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  13. If your calling him a spammer cause he's off topic, then your a spammer too! :p
    Wait... So am I for posting this... :)
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  14. Can i please ave a stack????