[Selling] Slightly used Turkey Slicer

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  1. Very slightly used turkey slicer for sale.

    Nice thanksgiving promo item will cost more in a few months probably.
  2. How much..?
  3. Eh probably 5k since it's used :)
  4. I'll pass, but thanks.
  5. Ok. I'll do 5.5k is that good? Anyone for this offer?
  6. I will do 5.5k
  7. i'll buy it for 5.5k
  8. ill take that offer
  9. Ok so I will be in front of my computer tomorrow I am currently in the mountains on a ski trip. If u all three want it who will give me the highest offer? I can't give u each one lol.
  10. ill go 6k cause i like your profile pic
  11. Thanks I like it too :D btw tomorrow I'm selling a banana in a tailpipe.
  12. This shouldn't be an auction thread, i would pay more but dont wanna keep spamming replies, Slash really should get it for 5.5 since he was first to reply to original offer
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  13. I appreciate that, and that's why I tried to reply so fast, because I knew that there would 1 offer and 1 offer only.
  14. So u guys decide I either give it to slash or move this over to auction?
  15. You can't move it to auction because it is already used
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  16. Give it to slash, he was the first one to give an offer
  17. Good point forgot that. Ok it's yours slash. 5.5k ill set up an access chest on smp9 19373 when I get home. I'm on a trip. Be back tomorrow.