Selling skins

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  1. Making coustom skins first ten are free plaease leave color choice and 2 wrds to describe you also 25r any other skin pasy 10
  2. I have my own as you can clearly see. Thanks though. Maybe you should make your own skin first.
  3. Hi make me one for my name nfell2009 someone cool and creative!! Do it amazingly and I will pay
  4. what colors? and name two things about you
  5. I believe he said "cool" and "creative"
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  6. yes ok i have finisghed and if you dont want a skin why comment in this fourm :/
  7. I currently got a slime in suit skin, but can u alter it to make it slime in white/black horizontal stripes (like cartoon jail suits) and maybe with a number plate on the chest? il pay alot more than 25r for it if its good. But il stil pay u some for the effort if u try :)
  8. That is like posting on a "Selling blaze grinder thread", "ohh i has 1 alredy, thank u very much"
  9. Ok sky but u have to wait minecraft is blocked atm
  10. I'll take one, maybe something like the actual Terminator, so silver and dark.
    <----- Kinda like my profile pic.
  11. i want one like a evil scientist with white, red and blue with a lab coat :) thanks PM me when you are done
  12. A phoenix. red and orange, here's a pic.
  13. ok everyone i will get to your orders asap depending on when minecraft gets un blocked