[Selling] Skeleton spawner

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  1. There is only one spawner, I've started to make it a trap. If you want the mossy cobble along with It I will supply it. ( I've already removed it, but its in storage) reply with offers. Seeing as I don't know how much I will get. I will upload pictures Next time I'm out there. The area is very hidden, and unexplored.
  2. Take the server number out, unless you want someone to livemap you
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  3. More or less than 2000 blocks from spawn? And if I do buy it, could you please show me where? I suck at cartography(ask joshmcf).
  4. Farther, next time we're both on I'll show you to it.
  5. If a mod can lock this post Id be happy, the spawner has been sold.