[SELLING] Skeleton Skull, Creeper Head, Zombie Head

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  1. Hey, Empire!

    So I have a skeleton skull, a creeper head, and a zombie head for sale.

    I don't have a specific price in mind, and I'm willing to take offers for anyone who wants them. I can sell them all together or separately, your choice.
    I'm thinking at LEAST 500 rupees on the creeper head. I'm not exactly sure what the price tags are on the skeleton skull and the zombie head yet. Feel free to give suggestions!

    Please create a conversation with me if you are interested. If you see me online on one of EMC's servers, you can private message me about it also. Otherwise, if you are buying it (and you have confirmed the price you are paying for the head or heads) then you can come to my residence to pay and pick the items up. My residence is 2634 on SMP1.


    SOLD! :)
  2. Creeper heads are 500r :eek:
  3. hmmmm....
    well at other stores they sold them at 1000, so I wasn't sure...
  4. I have bought many a creeper head under 500r, so I think 500r is fair for them. Skeleton and zombie heads I would not value at more than 200r each, usually less, seeing as how they are fairly common nowadays.
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  5. ok. thank you