[Selling] Skeleton Grinder

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  1. Fully functioning Skeleton Grinder.

    They drop 23 blocks down.

    One hit kills a Skeletons. In a 1x1 space.

    Full enchanting table built next to killing room free.

    Starting getting xp A.S.A.P

    I will not post the server its on. Please don't ask. It's not on Utopia.
    Its 20r to use a vault... You can sell bones and arrows to make up for this cost.

    It's between 1000 - 2500 blocks from the wilderness center.

    If you are serious about buying I'll post some pictures.

    Buy now for 8,000r.
  2. it's already sold
  3. by who the creator of this thread to who i have no idea
  4. You selling anything
  5. Are you selling anything?