[Selling] SkareC Bulk Sales, 8931, smp4

Discussion in 'Selling' started by SkareCboi, May 15, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    I will post here sales that will happen at this res 8931, smp4

    On average I will stock 2 items at a time with a stock of 30DCs. Once one is completely sold out I will replace it will a new sale, and so on.

    Current item for sale:
    - Iron Blocks: 4DCs in stock (25r per block)
    - Sea Lanterns: 60DCs in Stock (320r per stack)
    - Ghast Heads 28 (Discounted to 4k per head)
    - Gold Blocks: 2DCs (16r per ingot (1 for 144r or 4 for 576r) or 15r per ingot (8640r for 64))
    - 10 Beacons (15.1K each)

    Next item that will be in stock:
    - Bones: 30DCs
    - String: 30DCs
    - Prismarine: 30DCs

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  5. bump, added iron blocks to shop
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  6. Bump, reduced iron block price to 35r per block
  7. Reduced Primsmarine Bricks to 64r per stack. Every thing must go.
  8. I do not have res access. Not sure if intentional or not.
  9. Sorry about that, the mall is close for the update. As being familiar how updates always go wrong on EMC I rather be safe and not get raided.
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  11. I'm referring to the 3 other reses which have more valuables and the fact that one of the updates once allowed player to build on other peoples reses. Once the update is stable you can bulk buy all you want for what I care.
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  12. Bump, added 3DCs of Sea Lanterns (384 per stack), will restock those once they are sold out.
  13. Restocking 60DCs of Sea Lanterns 6r 5r per blocks. Get them cheap.
  14. How much for a DC I iron blocks?
  15. 54*1600r you can do the math
  16. Restocked 27 Ghast Heads.
  17. Am I possibly able to get a bulk sale of stone 30 Double chests at less that 1r per stone from u there skare?
  18. no stone in stock at this moment maybe in the future when i can be bothered bringing some back from the wild. Its just not worth my time hauling it from the wild atm.
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  19. Stocked Gold Blocks: 2DCs while stocks last

    - 16r per ingot: 1 for 144r or 4 for 576r
    - 15r per ingot: 64 for 8640r
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