[Selling] Single Chests for 1k each

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  1. I'm selling a bunch of different SC's for 1k each.

    1 SC of netherwart - 1000r
    1 SC of cocoa beans - 1000r
    1 SC of planks - 1000r
    1 SC of feathers - 1000r
    1 SC of Sugarcane - 1000r
    1 SC of Mushroom Stew - 1000r
    1 SC of book and quills - 1000r
    1 SC of ender pearls - 1000r
    1 SC of seeds - 1000r

    Pm me ingame or on here to place an order

  2. I'll take the nether wart, I'll pay when I get on
  3. ill take an SC of nether wart, will pay when your ready :)
  4. ...i just claimed that :/
  5. I thought he was selling 1 sc at a time? like 1 for each of us?
  6. Oh, it might be that, but I got that there was only one dc of each, not sure though.
  7. I'll take book n quills plz pay you when I get on
  8. same
  9. yeah sure, you can find me on smp3
  10. Ill take the SC of mushroom stew