[Selling] Single Chest of Slimeballs

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  1. I am selling 1 single chest of slimeballs, (1728) for 50k rupees. Pick up at 4317. Any takers?
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    Edited again..

    Will you sell me some stacks for 10r each? Like.. 10 stacks.
  3. 10r per STACK?? no, im selling this as a set.
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  4. 10r the slime balls...640r/stack
  5. Hmmm....no. Again, selling as a set
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  6. Really, Really? So I can sell my single chest of slimes balls for 50k?
    Sounds good.
  7. That's just under 30r per ball
  8. u cant auction off a single it has to be a double chest full
  9. Not an auction :p