[Selling] Single Chest of Emeralds

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  1. As the title suggests, I am selling a single chest of emeralds.
    Or Best Offer

    These emeralds are great for elegant building designs, or possibly if you want to extort villagers for their items :eek:

    Post on this thread if you want to buy it, or message me in game.
  2. Ill give you 35k for it.
  3. I'll go as low as 40k. 35k is a bit too low for me though
  4. Want to do 38k?
  5. ok. 38k sounds good. Do you want to pick them up, or do you want me to deliver them to you?
  6. 40k? or is it gone?
  7. it's not gone yet. I'll sell it for 40k to you jay
  8. oh......I just spent 2k I only hv 38,673r :p
  9. I'll still buy it from you for that much :) I'm just trying to get this sold as fast as possible
  10. lol ok where can I pick it up :)
  11. ill be paying it with my alt prkerman if thats ok
  12. that's all right with me :)

    You can pick it up at my res on smp3 @6518
    I'll have an access chest for you. just turn right at spawn
  13. Seems to me like you sold it in this post for 38k.
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  14. This is not an auction but instead a thread reqesting offers, so everything seems perfectly valid :)
  15. Samsimx's offer was accepted. Jay better pay his 38,673r then before someone else offers 38,674r and FifthSanctum changes his mind again. Seems more like a no risk auction to me.
  16. Yes, Fifth I and others would appreciate it if you do stick to your word in future threads.
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  17. so it is fine .....