[Selling] SilkTouchI UnbreakingIII EfficiencyV pick

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  1. Best enchantment possible for a pick.
    Looking for 15k
  2. Thats WAY too high, how about 6k.
  3. real?
    people sell silk touchI's for 4k
    this one lasts 4x longer and mines 2.5x faster
  4. erm.. How about 7k then?
  5. For reference leowaste sell a silk touchI unbreakingIII for 8k
    Mine also has EfficiencyV. This is the best pick you can enchant
    ill go to 12k
  6. i'll go to 7.5k

    Edit: The reason it went to 8k was because back in the old days they were worth a lot, now, theirs soo many their not worth as much.
  7. Good luck finding a silktouch UnbreakingIII effV for 7.5k
  8. Fine 8k
  9. actually, eff brings down the price of picks. It ruins the picks faster. (want to mine one block, mine 5 of them behind it)
  10. thats only if you have bad connection paranoid
  11. Sorry already sold