[SELLING] Silk Touch I Books 900r/each

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  1. A listing for my friend Ajantis.

    For Sale: Silk Touch I Book
    Quantity Remaining: 8 ... 6 ... 4 ... 2 ... 0 remaining
    Price: 900r Each.

    Server: SMP2
    Residence: 3080

  2. Bump. 4 Books remaining.
  3. How many did you have to begin with?
  4. lol, I bought one and my client crashed.. T-T
  5. There was 8 to begin with.

    Lol >.< I'm not liable for damages ;p

    EDIT: 2 Left
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  6. Hey can you put the sign back i want to buy one
  7. Sorry buddy. That was a week ago.
    All sold.
  8. I never knew silk touch books went for this much :eek: