Selling silk touch books

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  1. Selling 5 silk touch books - Offer here.
  2. what smp? 1k
  3. How many do you want Cordinal?
  4. 1k for 2 books?
  5. \
    Too low, sorry
  6. will 750 cover one?
  7. 1000 each is the lowest I'll go, I have 6 if you want to buy them all.
  8. SMP3
  9. I'll buy two if I can use someone's anvil..
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  10. You can use my Anvil on SMP3 if you wish.
  11. Cool; ill be on in maybe an hour
  12. I probably won't be - It'll have to be tomorrow at some point
  13. Alrighty;
    Or you could just leave me an access chest.. And I'll pay you.
  14. Set up the access chest.