[SELLING] shop with amazing prices and amazing items!

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  1. Hey guys! BQ2003 here, I'm here to tell you about my shop that has amazing prices and amazing products that you can't find all together anywhere else! I'm recently selling an elytra, Dragons Breath, Dragon Stones, God Apples, Cooked Turkey's, Haunted Candies, and much more in my official shop! I am recently selling these items to help earn 450k! All of these items can be found at 8083 on smp4! thank you and hope to see you at my residence soon! I was thinking, if I sell out on all the items mentioned here then I will throw a huge drop party! but it is if these items ONLY SELL OUT! please coment if you have any suggestions for the drop party if it occurs!
  2. The title makes it sound like you are selling a shop itself.
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