[SELLING] Shiny Flesh in BULK

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  1. Hello all, your favorite Mob Arena player here with some bad news… I am slowly finishing up my Mob Arena adventures because of it being less enjoyable when I win. I have accumulated a lot of this and a lot of people seem to always be in need of it.

    /v 15061 SMP7 to buy.
    Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.55.27 PM.png

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  2. How much is it
  3. It's 640 r per stack. (10r each)
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  4. Hmm... i don't really play mobarena :) but I have some plans that may need some shiny flesh :)

    I'll have to stop by.

    Are you selling it by the SC? or at least by the stack? got about 2 DC's for me?
  5. Most I can sell to you is a SC, but the shop sign is for stack. :)
  6. You OOS already :/
  7. I have a few more DCs for stock, will be on soon.
  8. Shiny flesh gives saturation, correct?
    Ima get some
  9. a
    Shiny Flesh gives regeneration IV for 30 seconds and hunger like regular rotten flesh.
  10. It still gives hunger?
    I don't think that if something is enchanted it should give bad effects.
    Having a bucket of milk or a cow is recommended when eating this... Hopefully
  11. cool ill keep clicking it till there is more in stock XD
  12. Noooooooooooooo please dont