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  1. Otis Supply Company
    "Striving for Excellence"


    Factory, Outlet & Headquarters
    Address: SMP9/19029
    Location Manager: Otisdiver

    Retail Store
    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    More Locations on More SMPs.
    Want a location near you? Contact us!

    Additionally, all of our locations have the tag OSC. Visit us:
    /v +OSC

    Otisdiver, President & Senior Partner
    Blublankie, Production VP & Junior Partner

    About Us:
    At the Otis Supply Company, we're dedicated to delivering high-quality goods at a fair price. We will accept nothing but the best. We strive to deliver excellent customer service, outstanding products, and a can-do attitude to all of our clientele.

    Contact Us:
    As a part of our mission to be the best on the market, we encourage clients to reach out if they have any questions, comments, or complaints. Please contact our President, Otisdiver, by forum message, in-game message, or by dropping a signed book into our donation box if you wish to contact us. We promise to reply as quickly as we can!

    Our Products:
    As a part of our mission to be the best on the market, we do not sell any product until we have both a sufficient supply of the product and a steady, high-quality source of the product. We currently offer high-quality:
    - Oak Logs (2r/1)
    - Oak Planks (2r/4)
    - Oak Saplings (5r/1)
    - Birch Logs (2r/1)
    - Birch Planks (2r/4)
    - Birch Saplings (5r/1)
    - Emeralds (23r/1)

    In the near future, we will also be offering:
    - Wool
    - Leather
    - Steak
    - Wheat
    - Apples
    - Iron Ingots

    You can purchase these products at our Outlet Store. (SMP9/19029)

    Bulk Orders:
    If you are in need of a high quantity (greater than one stack) of high-quality items, please contact our President, Otisdiver, right away. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs! Bulk order prices are negotiable.

    We are currently looking for new partners.
    Open positions include:
    - Advertising VP
    - Retail Manager

    If you are interested in a position, contact our President, Otisdiver. Include a brief description of yourself and your experience. Thank you!

    Thank You!
    Outlet Store: SMP9/19029
    Questions or Comments: Contact Otisdiver.
    "Striving for Excellence."
    Updated: 12/19/14
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  2. Im not sure I'm reading this right. Does that say 16r per single log, or 16r for a stack of logs?
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  3. Can you do bulk paper? I have a source for free sugar cane just need it made into paper and transported to me. If interested I buy bulk paper at the rate of 400r for a DC
  4. Sorry about that. We updated our prices!

    If you can provide the sugar cane, we can craft and deliver it quickly. Otherwise, we will have to grow the proper amount before we can deliver the order.
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  5. We now sell emeralds at 23r a piece! /v +OSC