[Selling] SC of Quartz (Item form)

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  1. Selling a SC of Quartz in item form for 7k, can move a bit on the price if someone wants to take it off my hands ASAP :) . It's currently in my vault so I can bring it straight over. Im on SMP2 atm so talk to me there if I don't see your post.
  2. I'll will buy your Quartz for 5,000r or up to 6000r
  3. 6k and i will
  4. The sale for this SC is still on, Ironic logged out just a few minutes after posting this :/
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  5. srry about that SMP2 i'll be on to buy i off u!
  6. I am goin to bed, if anyone wants this I have set up a sign for the sale, do /v azurelinctus on smp1 or /v 2546
    Price is 7k.
  7. i bought it from u for 7k
  8. All sold.
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  9. to me =D