[Selling] SC of Fortune 3 Books

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  1. Price: 27k (That is 1k per book) Reduced to 25k!

    Pickup: 11149

    First come, First serve :)
  2. is it sold?
  3. Nope, free to buy.
  4. Bumpzorz.
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  5. BUMP, price reduced to 25k.
  6. ahh if only it were 10k i would buy it xD
    I'm trying to save my r yo :)
    tell me if u still need someone to get one
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  7. I'd take it for 18k if you want.
  8. Looking for at least 20k, sorry.
  9. 19k? Lol
  10. Il pay 20k
  11. Sold to sam.... Ill toss em to you later on today.
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  12. Not to turn this into an auction but will 21k work D:
  13. no, sorry. already agreed to sell them to sam, otherwise Id have taken you up on your offer.
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  14. access is up at 11149, please pay and pick up sam.
  15. will hop in tonight, thanks stew!
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