[Selling] *SC of EXP Bottles!* [SOLD OUT]

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  1. Selling a Single Chest full of EXP Bottles at res 732 on smp1!

    Price: 27,000r

    [the image below is old]
  2. ALSO:
    I will restock every once in a while so in the future I will restock.

    New price is 27k, (1k a stack) :)
  3. Bump for the night...
  4. Bumpppppppp!
  5. Really cheap!
  6. Is that cheap!
  7. Cause im going to sell a sc and I wanna know if thats a good price
  8. Really have to bump this?.... Im requesting this be closed as I sold this months ago....
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  9. I will buy it. :) maybe
  10. Hmm, 27k for a SC of Exp Bottles, or... Use endertopia or deathtopia and get to that many levels in 10 mins...
    Toughie o3o
  11. but i am le tired of the grinding o3o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.