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  1. Hey guys i've figured out i can get lots of sand pretty fast in the wild, i've got a spot im getting it from. (I am gathering on gearmaster08)
    I am selling it for 32r per stack, and you can order a max. of 54 stacks at a time. I will not deliver, you will need to pick it up at 9420 on SMP4. Allow up to 2 days for your order to be filled, but if i get an overflow of orders it will take longer.

    ONLY Reply with your order in this format:
    How many Stacks:
    Total Price:

    EDIT: You may now order up to 54 stacks (One double chest) of sand at a time.
    EDIT: If there are more than 3 orders pending, you may need to wait up to 2 or 3 days for your order to be filled. Thanks for your patience
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  2. Username: codygraw101
    How many Stacks: 20 Stacks
    Total Price: 640 Rupees

    Thanks :D!
  3. available for pickup @ 9420 :)
  4. Ok I got it.. Thanks
  5. Do you sell sandstone?
  6. Available for pickup @ 9420 :)
  7. True very true but unfortunately I would need 2 double chest full...But I see there is a limit :(
  8. Edited OP to allow 54 stacks per order.
  9. Username: gnyctk
    How many Stacks: 54 Stacks
    Total Price: 1,728 r
  10. How many Stacks: 54 Stacks
    Total Price: 1,728 r
  11. Username: Hayjam
    How many stacks: 54 stacks
    Total price: 1,728 r
  12. Username: Bushyspecialk
    Stacks: 54
    Price: 1728
    Thanks :)
  13. Wait, are you using your alt for this? :S
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  14. Hahaha yes... how would i use my main?
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  15. Please allow up to 2 days for your order to come in, I've got lots to do...
  16. I thought, maybe something a-m-a-z-i-n-g happened.
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  17. Username: SecretAznEks
    How many stacks: 54
    Total price: 1728
  18. Username: Haerhitman
    How many Stacks: 54 Stacks
    Total Price: 1,728r
  19. Ready for pickup @ 9420
  20. Username: WitherGamer
    How many Stacks: 54
    Total Price: 1728 rupees