[SELLING] Sand in Double Chests/bulk

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  1. 27 stacks of sand PRICE: 1 250 rupees
    54 stacks of sand PRICE: 2 500 rupees
    108 stacks of sand PRICE: 5 000 rupees

    Contact BeKaLuSa for info or if you would like to buy


    MissMadison910: 2 DOUBLE CHESTS (5 000 rupees) COMPLETE
    vividOptimism: 4 DOUBLE CHESTS (10 000 rupees) AWAITING PICKUP AND PAYMENT
    thestar19: 1 DOUBLE CHEST (2 500 rupees) AWAITING PICKUP AND PAYMENT
    dandandondo: 1 DOUBLE CHEST (2 500 rupees) AWAITING PICKUP AND PAYMENT
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  2. From destroying sand biomes with eff 4 and unbreaking III :D
  3. Bump for my bro
  4. Bro?
  5. I would like to order a double chest please :)
  6. he is asleep so pm him
  7. Two double chests please :)
    1000r will be paid when you have the order ready for me :p
  8. do u mean u will pay an extra 1000r?
  9. 4 double chest please.
  10. wow
    we might have to give a limit
    i think these are the last of our stocks
    so any more orders plz wait a bit
    these orders will be ready pick up by morning (Australia time)
  11. Sure, pick up at my res in a few hours or maybe my brothers res; can't go on till 12 in AUS time

    2 double chests: 5000 r

    10k same as thestar :)
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  12. Where am I picking the order up at?
  13. Oh, it's 5k! OH LOL. Fail on my part, but anyways, I'm paying.
    I didn't get it at first :p
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  14. Um if you guys can get here quick ill be on smp1 for a few minutes. Quickly though!
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  15. Guys Pick Up is 1307 i think
  16. Me and coffee_bullet just destroyed another few biomes, we have tonnnnnnes of sand.
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  17. can i buy a double chests plz
  18. Sure pick up at 1308 on smp1. I'm on right now.
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  19. Order ready. Pick up at 1308 on smp1.
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