[SELLING] Sand, All types of Sandstone, Glass, Stone bricks, Wool

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  1. Selling: [in bulk]
    Sand: 20r a stack
    Glass: 68r a stack
    Creeper Sandstone: 74r a stack
    Smooth Sandstone: 60r a stack
    Sandstone: 60r a stack
    Stone Bricks: 60r a stack
    Coloured wool: 104r a stack (possibly dropped down to 96r)

    pm me chat or just post on thread:
    What item
    Which server and your res number
    When you want your order to be in buy
  2. Can you do a massive cobblestone order? If so, I call dibs.
  3. Yeh sure just provide the details from the original post
  4. Room for cobble orders?
  5. Creeper sand stone 15 stacks
    Smooth sand stone 15 stacks

    4090 smp2

    I want my order next week :)
  6. Cobblestone (18r/stack) - 50 stacks.
    On any of my SMP2 residences, I'll let you know once you let me know that the order is done.
    ASAP :)
  7. 27 Stacks
    Regular Sandstone
    Utopia, /v samtheboo 2
    I will pay: 1300r (The full price is 1620, though i do want 27 stacks of it though)
  8. Cam you do 100-150 stacks of cobble?
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  9. I could but that would take at least a week
  10. lol, you got a good cobble gen?
  11. I can do that...but that also could take a week probably less then a week
  12. Say 90r a stack???
  13. Edit: 50 stacks of creeper sandstone
    Please finish my order asap
  14. Any news on my order? ME FIRST! D:
  15. Im nearly finished with urs Alex and patericks an finished samtheboo order
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  16. May I place an order for let's say 10 stacks of sandstone. I will set up a chest on my residence for you to sell me all 10 stacks for a total of 600r and I will also set up a cheat for you to sell me 20 stacks of stonebrick for 1000r. My residence is 9088 on SMP4. I decreased the price for stonebrick from 1200r to 1000 necisarily in total I am ordering 30 stacks of items from you. If this is not okay please reply to this telling me.
  17. Could I lower the price even more?
  18. I would drop your normal sandstone down a little bit. I might order something soon. :)
  19. Alright I was thinking 500 for the 10 stacks of sandstone and 1000 for the 20 stacks of stone brick. How does that sound I'm happy paying more but since this is such a large order I thought that this would be acceptable... Please let me know ASAP because I will need to set up the chests for you.