[SELLING] Sand, All Sandstone types, wools, cobble, stone brick

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  1. Selling: [in bulk]
    Sand: 20r a stack
    Glass: 68r a stack
    Creeper Sandstone: 74r a stack
    Smooth Sandstone: 60r a stack
    Sandstone: 60r a stack
    Stone Bricks: 60r a stack
    Coloured wool: 104r a stack (possibly dropped down to 96r)

    pm me chat or just post on thread:
    What item
    Which server and your res number
    When you want your order to be in buy
  2. Lowered sandstone price and sand to:
    Sandstone: 55r a stack
    Sand: 15r a stack
  3. Quantity : 4 Double chest full (216 stacks), or as many as possible.
    Item : Sand
    Server & Res no. : SMP3 - 6621 (or /v Zabriel)
    Order to be in by : 1 Week from this post.

    Good deal on the items, I'll gladly pay for the vault fees if applicable. Once you're ready to deliver the items, I'll pay via /r pay and set [access] signs for you, or use chest shops.
  4. Ur order is done: I have stocked for many months for sand and sandstone so I have a massive range of double chests
  5. If you could lower the price of the stone brick I will take some.
  6. How much lower
  7. I'll buy 3 stacks of the stonebrick, I'll gladly pay the vault fee. And, I'm curious, Do you have mossy stonebrick or cracked stonebrick as well?

    3 stacks
    Smp4, 8478
    Order in by the 19th please :)
  8. no i dont have any of thoughs other stonebricks
  9. Can I have 2 double chests full of sand please?
    54 * 15 = 810
    810 * 2 = 1620r
  10. Yeh sure can u set up chests for me to sell at or are they shop chests that u want me to stock??
  11. I will set you up 2 chests on smp6 @ 12006 :)
  12. Quantity: 1 double chest
    Item: smooth sandstone
    Server/Res #: SMP1, res 2417
    Order delivery time: At your convenience :)
    I've set up a double sell chest at my res' spawn for you whenever you are able to deliver.
  13. Ignoramoose or Krysyyjane9191 or Krisjr91

    27648 Sandstone
    17280 Glass

    SMP 2 - I've got chests setup for sandstone on 3765. Find me for others. My res's are 3879, 3763, 3764, 3881.

    As soon as possible.

    And yes, I'm serious on the numbers.
  14. Quantity 1 Double Chest
    What item Sand
    Which server and your res number SMP 2 Res 3754
    When you want your order to be in buy ASAP

    Chest set up now

    CANCEL ORDER, bought directly from store(your store)