Selling- saltar and stable voucher

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by stormboy231, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Tell me a price that you would pay for any if this and I will tell you if it's a yes or a no

    Don't be cheap -_-
  2. 8k for the voucher.

    Or, I'd be willing to trade vouchers. I have a vault one.
  3. I'll pay 8001r :p
  4. Vault and 5?
  5. Tbh the vault is already a good deal :p
  6. I'll pay 10k if the saltar is Un used. If it is used, 6k
  7. Vault and 2.
  8. I'll pay 9k for the voucher.
  9. It's unused
  10. Vault and 3.5k and its a deal
  11. I already sold it. I traded vault page for stable.
  12. 11k for the salter?
  13. I will just save the hore, but I'm selling stable
  14. 9k for stable?
  15. What does a stable voucher get you?
  16. 1 more stable so you can put more horse's in with out egging them