[Selling] Residences!

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  1. Hey EMC!

    I have a few residences that I have no use for and would like to earn some rupees on. All of the residences have good numbers.

    How this works: PM me an offer with the residence you want. If I like your offer, I'll let you know. I'll likely see if I can get a better one, but if I can't, it' may be yours. We will arrange a time, you'll pay me, and I'll unclaim the residence for you.

    Residences for sale:
    • SMP6 - 12500
    • SMP6 - 13333
    • SMP8 - 16666
    • SMP8 - 17777
    • SMP9 - 19999
    Click here to PM me. Offers posted in a reply will be ignored. People asking for prices will be ignored. Thanks,
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