[SELLING] Residence Apartment

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  1. I am selling an apartment on my residence (16402) that I call the Wool Apartment. Here are some screenshots so you don't have to go into MC to see it.
    Here's the exterior.
    Here's the interior. (That cobblestone bit to the right will be removed)

    The price for this apartment is 1k (as stated in the screenshot above) and to buy it, PM me. (Also stated in the screenshot above.) The previous owner has not been around for a while, so I will give the 1k back to him right away so I don't scam anybody. This house is small, and includes 1 large chest and a furnace. These can be viewed via [ ACCESS ] sign. To get there do /v 16402 and choose the "Wool Apartment" teleport. (The teleport room is very narrow so I've created a cobblestone path that you can walk on. Be careful!) It would be nice to have company on my residence from time to time, so I'm selling this apartment to do that. Only I can sell this apartment, so if you don't want it anymore, I will give you your 1k back and put this back up for selling again. If the buyer of this apartment resells it, ANYONE who buys it will be evicted from the apartment and the seller will get a permanent residence ban. Thank you for reading this.