[SELLING] Residence 10029. Mobarena res

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  1. I'm moving to smp4. I'm selling my residence 10029 for 2 1 Million rupees. Reply/PM

    Residence is on smp5 and is in front of Mob Arena.
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  2. 2 Million rupees, Ouchhh... Those residences don't even go close to 400k, Just a small opinion.
  3. Im with you Tahitan...I couldn't afford that if i sold all my things lol :)
  4. If only the res for sale was the one beside the one you're selling (which is also in front of the Mob Arena)

  5. Dropping price to clear. 1 Million rupees.
  6. Get your money back and more in less than a month with a good armor/weapon/enchant shop.
    Only 1 Million and its yours.
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