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  1. Res sold to Ark_Warrior1!

    Hello Empire,
    I recently claimed res 15055 (SMP 7) with my alt, EMCLegend. And since I have no use for it, I've decided to sell it. To make an offer, just post below or PM me with a reasonable price.

    The res has a nice res number which is easy to remember (15055), the res has a nice green forest biome, and is located in the bottom-left corner of the map. It is also surrounded by derelict residences who's owners haven't been on for over 100 days - plus one res in which the owner is banned. This makes it ideal to start a small neighbourhood/town.

    After talking to a staff member, I believe this is accepted; if you have any disputes with proof that it's not allowed, please tell me. Also, please post on topic, and don't let this thread get out of hand.

    And thanks to FDNY21 for all the help/information on selling this res!


    Note: By purchasing this res, it means that I unclaim it, and you claim it with YOUR account(s). This by all means doesn't make me give you perms, as I think that's illegal.
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  2. is it on smp7 if sko, i might buy it for 5k
  3. Oh, yes. It is on SMP7. But I don't think I'll sell it for 5,000r...
  4. how much do you want ?
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  5. okk i didn't want it that much
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  6. A decent price, considering the circumstances.

    EDIT: How much would you like to offer?
  7. well 5k sounded fair.. whats your range?
  8. I'd prefer 15k up - it may sound a bit extreme, but I think it's pretty fair. And yes, I do have pretty high expectations sometimes, haha.
  9. I'll give you 10k for it.
  10. What about 12.5k?
  11. That is what I thought. The only perk for this res is that there are derelict reses around it. Most of the people who would by this res don't plan on getting diamond, so those are of no use for them.
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  12. How much were you thinking for the res? Start a pm with me if someone hasent already bought it.
  13. At the moment, I'm waiting for rock00888's response. But if not, I'll PM you.
  14. #CoolResNumbers

    Practical and easy to remember with good surrounding area.
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  15. ok, il pay 12.5k
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  16. good surrounding reses meaning abandoned reses? And res numbers don't count for much. People usually want reses for their location.
  17. Sold! I can meet you on SMP7 now if you want? Also, you do realise that this works by me unclaiming the res, and you claiming it, right?
  18. oh, I don't have an extra res to claim, I thought it was you giving me all perms to it...
  19. haha legend if no one else buys it I might go get a diamond alt.
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  20. Oh, sorry about that! I guess that's my fault for not making that clear enough. I'll update the OP now.
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