Selling Renamed Items

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  1. So recently I've been trying to set up a casino, and I want to have custom tokens to make it a more enjoyable gambling experience for everyone. But I've run into the problem of not being able to sell items that have been renamed. Is there any way I can fix that, or am I just sadly out of luck?

    Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Try [slot #] notation.
    By making the sign buy something in slot 54, the sign would exhaust all renamed items from slots 1-53 first, giving you a fair room to work.
    Example of a shop sign would be
    B [Price] -- (You can add sell slot to this)
    [slot 54]
    Then put the item you want to sell in slot 54, and any other slots in the chest.
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  3. Does this only work with custom items?
    I tried doing:

    B 1
    [slot 54]

    (exactly what you did)
    but when my friend tries to buy something, it says shop item not recognized

    Do I have to put in the specific name of the item instead of slot 54?
  4. no, put the item in the last slot of the double chest if it says [SLOT 54].
  5. Well, I finally figured it out haha, I feel so dumb now... :)

    but thanks for your help and I apologize for my stupidity