[Selling] Remote Shop Signs

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Elite, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. The server location: SMP-2
    How to get here: Type /v 3008 and turn around - or - /spawn and walk forward

    Current sell prices: 1 for 3000 - or - 16 for 48k - or - 64 for 192k

    Current stock: 929 Signs (58 stacks + 1)

    Reduced by 500r --- NOW 3k Each!!!
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  2. Updated OP with newer bulk prices

    Also now have a DC worth in stock
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  3. Bump - Added more to stock (Updated OP)

    Willing to negotiate prices, within reason :)
  4. 1 Block of Dirt, a Cookie, and a Cake! thats per.
  5. That's a tough negotiation there xDD
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  6. Dropped prices even more ;)

    Significant savings on bulk :)
  7. Update!

    Now made single and semi bulk same price as bulk!!!