[SELLING] Regular Dragon Egg!

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  1. Item: Regular Dragon Egg

    If you are interested please pm me with an offer and I may negotiate with you. You may negotiate with me as well, I am looking in the region of 280k(SOLD, NO LONGER UP FOR SALE) 265k if anyone is interested, but as I said, negotiating is up for offer!

    The dragon egg is on show @ 18318 on smp9, but for those who cannot/do not want to view, here is a picture:
    Any questions? Feel free to PM me! I hope you take up this opportunity :) ~FDNY21
  2. Well thats a pretty emerald block xD
  3. I changed it a little bit :) Any offers? Still ready to buy!

  4. You should so totally donate it to my Resort :cool: *wink wink*
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  5. If I do...you should totally donate me 275k :cool:
  6. Oh lord. You've done it again.
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  7. Wink Wink..... ~ BTH
  8. ..you
  9. Hmm.. gimmi 5 years and its a deal
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  10. Hmm.. Just talked to him and found out the real thing. You almost had me there lol
  11. Rawr.
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  12. Pm with more offers :)
  13. If you could give me, idk, two months, i could PM you with an offer xD
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  14. Lowered price from 280k to 265k. However, I still am open to negotiation. I am also interested in voters blocks and vault vouchers, if anyone has one to trade.
  15. SOLD for 265k to FakeIdea! Enjoy the Dragon Egg!
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  16. Nooooooooo! you were supposed to gimmi 5 years! D:
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