[Selling] Regular Chest of Sugar Canes

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  1. Starting Bid: 1k
    Increase Bid: 500r
    Bidding ends October 26
    (Double Chest for Auction also)
  2. So this is an auction then?
  3. You must be auctioning a double chest at one time, this goes in "auctions" not "products"
  4. srry starting bid 2k
  5. Hmm, two auctions in the wrong area, both selling sugar cane, must be a thing.
  6. srry regular chest starting bid 1k
    Double chest starting bid 1k
  7. r u gonna bid
  8. You seem to missing the point;
    • You can't auction of a single chest of goods.
    • Even if you could, this is in the wrong area of the forums.
  9. You put this in the "Products" forum,
    It should go in the "Community Auctions" forum.
  10. Community Auctions
  11. He can't anyway, this is a single chest don't forget.
  12. And you can only auction ONE thing at a time!
  13. Is this a Double Chest of Sugar Cane?

    If not, then dont bid on it, guys!
  14. Locked this, Check the message I left on the other thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.