[Selling]Rares and promos

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  1. Momentus Helmet - 60k - 2 in stock
    Momentus Toothpick - 25k - 2 in stock
    Marlix Helmet - 30k - 1 in stock
    Marlix Leggings - 25k - 4 in stock
    Marlix Armour - 25k - 3 in stock
    Marlix Boots - 25k - 4 in stock
    Vault Voucher - 7.2k - 4 in stock - Buyable at /v 3961!
    Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock - 50k - 3 in stock
    Dragonstone Fragment - 800r - 913 in stock - Buyable at /v 3961!
    Beacon - 15.5k - 4 in stock
    Meteor Bow - 11k - 5 in stock
    Max enchanted Elytra - 65k - 2 in stock - Buyable at /v 3961!
  2. Used or unused? (Does this stack?)
  3. I got it as a mob drop myself and I've never used it. I wasn't aware it changed once it was used though? (Same applies to nose)
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  4. Unused then I will buy it from you. I will send the money when I get a chance to log in.
  5. I'll offer 100k for all 918 dragon stone fragments take it or leave it.
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  6. Ill buy,
    Momentus Helmet - 50k for 1.
    Momentus Toothpick - 20k for 1
    Marlix Leggings - 20k for 1
    Marlix Armour - 20k for 1
    Marlix Boots - 20k for 1.

    Vault voucher - 150k for all 27.
    Beacon - 16k - 50k for all 4.
    Blizz Ards eye -7.5k for this 1. - unless the other guy buys it.
    Blizz Ards nose - 7.5k for this 1.
    Meteor Bow -40k for all 5.

    All of this for 385k. Will pay upon agreement.
  7. Deal
    This is only ~108r per dragon stone fragment. Thanks for the offer but I'll pass. :)
    A lot of these prices are lower than what I could get just by selling them to a player store. :p

    That being said, if you're willing to just go with 1 Marlix armour, I'm willing to sell 1 for 20k
  8. if you still got a DDTT ill take one
  9. Sure do. :)
  10. Mailed :)
    Also mailed to 820327 as my research suggests he's trustworthy.
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  11. He's sneaky but I think he can be trusted :p

    Thanks though I did get it and it even stacks like you said! Thanks again :D
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  12. I was going for bulk pricing. I guess i could buy a momentus armour for 20k; was mostly interested in the vault vouchers.
  13. Accurate bulk pricing for momentus/Marlix gear but low in the other areas. (the reason I'm ok with Marlix armour is because I have 4, so bulk price is ok)

    7k is already the cheapest vault vouchers available on EMC, I'm not lowering that price. :p

    I'll mail you the armour when I get home. :)
  14. will pay tomorrow morning as well. Work night right now. You could always come back with a counter offer. :D
  15. Naw, I'm good. Sent :)
  16. payment sent.
  17. All 8 for 56k? (Exactly what you are asking for)
  18. If you still got one I'll take a Momentus Helmet off your hands.
  19. Actually recently got 2 more in stock, if you want those too. (I've mailed you the 8, I'll mail you the other two if interested.)
    Helmet sent. :)