[SELLING] Rare/Uncommon Mob Drops

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  1. I have been accumulating a decent amount of the new mob drops ever since the new Survival Update, and I think I am ready to start selling all these. Prices are listed below, and as of now, there is a good amount of supply of everything.*

    Shiny Arrows - 150r/each
    Shiny Flesh - 100r/each
    Zombie Virus - 500r/each (I can also sell by the SC)
    Zombie Head - 1k/each
    Skeleton Head - 1.5k/each
    Creeper Head - 2.5k/each

    Other more common mob drops I sell are as follows:

    Gunpowder - 500r/stack
    Bones - 70r/stack

    * Please note that since the Survival Update is still somewhat new, these prices are negotiable and liable to change over time once there are more stable prices for everything.

    Order Form:

  2. Item: Bones
    Amount: 3 stacks
    Delivery: 646
    I will pay in advance as me being on at one time is not definite. There is an access chest near my res spawn.
    Thanks :)
  3. Delivered :)