[SELLING] Random Horses!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm selling lots of horses with speeds ranging from 75% - 105%.
    The prices are:

    75% - 89% = 35 Rupees
    90% - 105% = 60 Rupees

    The thing here is that these horses are sold in random. But don't worry. The shop will tell you the stats of the current horse for sale. This is the reason why I'm selling the horses cheap. I ALWAYS reshuffle the contents of the chests everyday so that it would completely by random. I also do sales up to a maximum of 30%.

    At the moment I'm having a 30% sale on all 90% - 105% Horses. So from 60 Rupees they are now being sold at 42 Rupees. The sale will end by the end of November.

    To get to my shop just go to SMP-6 and do /v +klop

    Stock for 75% - 89% Horses:

    Stock for 90% - 105% Horses:

    Things to remember:

    Horses are sold cheap because they are randomized.
    Contents are reshuffled everyday.
    Shop will always tell you the stats of the horse because it is a slot shop.