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  1. For the last month and a half I've been mining quartz in the nether and have ended up with 3 double chests of quartz blocks. Currently, I have 2 double chests of blocks for sale at res 14459 on smp7.
    The price is 35r per block, which I believe is a good price in this market.
    I also have 7 Ghast heads up for sale for 3,500r each.

    Over the course of my quartz mining addiction I have mined 27,407 quartz ore and I've crafted 15,205 blocks of quartz. I think I have a problem.
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  2. Nah, just in the last week and a half I have gathered 2.33 DC of blocks. You don't have a problem. I do. :)
  3. Bought a load :) If you would be kind enough you could donate some to my HQ
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  4. I bought a SC, thanks for collecting quartz for all the people that are building things with quartz and hate to mine it like me. :p
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  5. Bump. Still over a double chest available.
  6. I tried mining it... Did it for a hour and only got 20 blocks :/
  7. I am officially out of quartz. Thanks to all of those who bought it while it was in stock!
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