[selling] quartz blocks 60r each smp4 res 8703

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  1. The title says it all. Nether Quartz blocks for 60r each. At least 3 stacks worth at time of this posting. Also have some other items in the store like glowstone, sulfur, and nether brick.

    Res is on smp4 lot 8703. Mined it myself, the ghasts are crazy angry this week!!

    Thanks for checking out my thread. If you have a moment to check around my res, jump into the big ravine in the middle. At the bottom is a lava pit and thru the portal (don't stand in it, just walk through) is a mock nether fortress, for your viewing enjoyment.

    Happy Easter EMC!
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  2. I did not know that Blocks of Quartz can't be made back into Nether Quartz, so don't make my mistake.

    These blocks look great and can be crafted into slabs or stairs, or several additional decorative blocks. I still have stock, so beat the Easter rush and visit my store.

  3. Update, i now have about 8 stacks of nether quartz ore. It looks awsome and is still affordable enough to make into nether quartz if you just need a few pieces.

    Ore is 32r each and can be purchased one piece at a time. Res is smp4 - /v 8703