[SELLING] quality sigs, avatars, and more!

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  1. I recently decided to start a little business. I am selling signatures, avatars, and anything else you would want.

    My avatar

    A random thing I made. Buttons and a name could easily be added to make a signature

    Another kind of random thing that I made.

    What you get:
    I will make almost anything you want. Just ask and I will do my best. Because of how these are made, sizing them is a challenge. If you have specific dimensions you want, the quality may be lost during resizing. I can easily edit and adjust the image after it has been made. Adjustments are free.

    Cost: 2000r without any additions. (this is the same for signatures, avatars, etc.)
    Payment is expected when I post the image. Failure to pay will make me very sad and will blacklist you from anything else I do. Adjustment will be made after payment is received.

    • avatar (free)
    • Buttons (free)
    • render of something in Minecraft (free)
    • turning multiple images into a gif (1000r for each additional image in the gif)
    Order form:

    Description of what you want (be as specific as you can):

    If you haven't noticed, these are made in Little Big Planet 2. LBP2 comes with many textures and I can easily edit coloring and lighting. LBP2 also has a really cool visual style.

    Note: these don't have to be for EMC or Minecraft.
  2. Just going to bump this a little.
  3. can you make a skin?
  4. Are you able to make a signature for under my posts in minecraft? if so how much?
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty tired of my skin :p
  6. Sorry but I don't do skins.
    I can do that. see the pricing and additions section for the price. It would be 2000r plus any additions.
  7. Bump. Most additions are now free.
  8. Why do these remind me of Little Big Planet? :p
  9. They are made with lbp2 :p
    I find that lbp2 is a very capable way of making graphics.
  10. Oh xD
  11. Whoops just read the spoiler :p