[Selling] Quality Breed Horse Eggs

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  1. Location smp4 8028

    I breed on stats.
    -Speed, Jump and HP-

    Speed range from 89 to 123% and soon also higher speeds.
    Jump from 75% and higher.
    HP from 25 and higher.

    Also have a chest with failed breeds that goes for just 30r per egg. Some have good HP, but the other stats are pretty fail.

    I do not breed on race or color. However, if you have a special request. You can always ask for a soecific type. It will cost you extra though. I will charge for the golden carrots and a little extra for the effort.

    Remember; smp4 8028 :3
  2. When I try to buy horse eggs from your shop, it says, "The Shop Item Is Not Recognized". I've tried a few signs, and it seems they are all that way.
  3. Ok, thanks for letting me know. Working on it to get it fixed..
  4. You have to use slot signs. For a detailed tutorial on that, go to this page:
    If you already are doing that, you may just be sold out. :)
  5. I rebuild the whole thing and it is working proper now. Also had 2 ''HP: 28'' breeds today if you still interested.
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