Selling Quad Spawner

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  1. It is a Cave Spider-Zombie-Zombie-Skeleton
    On smp7. 4k blocks out.
    I would like around 50k for it.
  2. I would pay 30k because the wild might reset an the grinder is not ready made
  3. how aabout 35k and we got a deal
  4. Is this still for sale? And how close are the zombie zombie skele spawners to each other?
  5. Yes it still for sale. If you stand in the middle of them, they are about 15 away
  6. So its in kind of a triangle?
  7. Yes and the cave spider spawner is just out side the triangle , but it can still be activated .
  8. How far is the lowest spawner from the void?
  9. Like 40 blocks.
  10. Awesome, are you looking for only rupees?
  11. Yes please.
  12. But we could work out a deal if you really would like me to.
  13. Is your player at it?
  14. ? No im on smp 8, but on smp 7 it is kinda near it
  15. Do you like fortune 3 picks? Diamond of course
  16. Yes but i prefer cash. Name your.
  17. 30k with a fortune 3 unbreaking 3, and a fortune 3 efficiency 4 diamond picks?
  18. yes i will take it. Come to smp8 and i will provide the cords
  19. Also, will yoy distance yourself from the spawner? Since you are mappable